In EOC of RO, EDP will make damage chaotic.. Sonic Blow may vary from 200-3200% and Cross Impact from 250-10000% damage...

Guillotine Cross

Cross Impact

Deals random damage chaotically if EDP has been applied. 25 Mana per use. Can be enhanced by Sonic Acceleration and Assassin Spirit.

Level Damage Cast Delay


2 600-1200% 4.5s
3 650-1300% 4s
4 700-1400% 3.5s
5 750-1500% 3s
6 800-1600% 2.5s
7 850-1700% 2s
8 900-1800% 1.5ss
9 950-1900% 1s
10 1000-2000% 0.5s

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