Skills in Ragnarok EOC the F2p Edition are different...


  • All skill damage now has min and max value to vary, one is the half in the min and other one is the full in the max.
  • Almost all if not all skills are boosted to 10.
  • Knockback effect revamped. Enemies who get pushed thru the wall takes extra damage from physical or magical damage skills. Bosses and players with certain cards (not including GTB effect which negates magic) take extra damage even if they are not knocked back.
  • Certain damaging skills have been nerfed. For example, damaging skills will have certain chance to deal based on Base Level, Job Level, or both or normal without being affected by base/job level.


  • •Faith - gains 3000 Life per level
  • •Overbrand: Boosted to level 10, can deal more damage.
  • •Grand Cross: Takes 3% of your current Life
  • •Martyr's Reckoning: Costs 1% of your current life.


  • •Waterball - Is now upgraded to Level 10, can cast 100 balls but must be on water.
  • •Double Cast - will apply to all Mage spells also, but not just bolts only.


  • Blessing, Increase AGL - 3-30 min Duration at Level 1-10.
  • Heal now has a mixed foruma of pre and post renewal
  • Asura Strike: SP cost changed, when used, it will leave 10% of your Mana. Cannot be used below 15% of your current mana. Chance to instantly kill regular monsters based on LUK. Does not kill enemies that are boss-flagged but deals grievious damage unto them.
  • Tarot Card of Fate has damage varied:


  • •Enchant Deadly Poison: Min damage takes less damage to skills but max damage does more.
  • •Double Blow: Passive skill will now apply to any kind of weapon, not just only dagger anymore.
  • •Sonic Blow: Has a chance of critical hit.
  • •Cross Impact: Has a chance of critical hit. Various random chances to trigger Sonic Blow/Shadowless Sonic Speed Blow. Various random chances to be based by damage on base/job levels.


  • All traps last 4x timer even in non-Guild maps.


  • Cart weight is now 10000. If Mastersmith, it's 14000


  • •Killing Blow: Has a chance to instantly kill based on LUK, will leave 10% of your Life. Does not instantly kill Boss-flagged enemes but deals grievious damage unto them. Cannot be used below 15% of your current Life.