Level Non-VIP VIP
Server Name(s) (?)
EXP Rate 0.5x 0.75
Drop Rate 0.5x

Additional half drop rate of slotted items, etc. items from level 60+ monsters

EXP % Loss on Death 5%/5-10% (Player PK) 2/5%/2.5-5%
Lose Items on Death Yes all items at 100% chance???, items in mall at 30% chance Same as the left.
Etc items NPC Sell/Purchase value 75% Same as the left.
Fly/Butterfly Wing Removed Same as the left.
Teleport Skill Disabled and removed, Warp Portal is also disabled Same as the left.
Hugel Monster Races Not implemented. Same as the left.
Battlegrounds Not implemented. Same as the left.
Kafra Warps No Same as the left.
Upgrade Safe Levels (regular metals) No Same as the left.
Level 1, 2, 3, 4 Weapon Refining Costs 3000, 15000, 60000, 200000 Same as the left.
Armor Refining Cost 30000 Same as the left.
Modified NPC Seller items Mall items that offer Zeny, includes safe serts Same as the left.
Potion Level Restriction Yes Same as the left.
Removed Monster Drops All MVP cards, all boss monster cards, certain and popular monster cards, highly and popular slotted equipments Same as the left.
Premium Plans Yes, you can buy it from Kafra Shop. 30-day costs 2000 Taels, 180 day costs 15000 taels, 1 year costs 25000 taels ?
Wedding Dress Through OVB, item mall Same as the left.
Emperium Through OVB, item mall Same as the left.
Kafra permission for cards No Same as the left.
Character bound items All monster cards, Emperium, Old Violet Box, Old Blue Box, Card Album, Old Card Album, Ancient Card Album Same as the left.
Marriage cost "Written Oath of Marriage" Item + Wedding dresses + items Same as the left.
Rebirth walkthrough Requires additional Magical Stone. Same as the left.
2nd class job change Job level 50 (including first trans) Same as the left.
3rd class job change Magical stone + 2nd Trans Class only at base level 99 and job level 70. Cannot be accessed as it's non trans 2nd class or baby 2nd class. Same as the left.
Medals 1-14 (whether loss or defeat) 2-28
Repeatable Quests Almost all of it. Almost all repeatable quests reset once every 7 days. Same as the left.
Notable misc. changes
  • Storage fee 500z on all locations.
  • Pre-renewal EXP chart. Monsters with lowest XP rate, lowest min damage, highest max damage and HP kept on pre-renewal will have higher HP.
  • Penalty on ATK and MATK with weapons similar to jRO.
  • ATK and MATK will have a mix of exponential and linear ones.
  • 120x HP & SP base modifier on all players, 150x weight modifier on all players.
  • All players need to be Job level 50 for first class. Before transcending, all players must have magic stone and 1285000 Zeny to become transcendent. To be higher 1st class, they must be Job 10-50 as Novice. To become 2nd class as transcendent, they must be Job level 50-99
  • Removed Urgent Call guild skill, memo is disabled.
  • PK enabled in certain maps except towns and guild castles.
  • Certain skills of all players increased to 10. It powers almost everything but not everything up.
  • Skills vary low to high damage and have chance to deal extra damage varied by base/job level (and both).
  • Cards compounding on equipment will bind it on account.
  • Boss monsters will grant immunity to skills/magic and have powerful buffs in harder difficulties.
Same as the left.