A Boss Protocol monster is one that has a special flag set. Some monsters and all MVPs have this flag set. They have the following attributes:

  • Various skills fail on them;
  • The knock back aspect of skills does not affect them.
  • They detect the Hiding status and any other skill statuses that is similar to it.
  • The time Ankle Snare will be trampled if they get into trap.
  • Unaffected by status effects, stats and damage literally;
    • They cannot be silenced, stunned, poisoned, etc.
    • Their HP display and damage cannot be displayed; this has to test your challenge!
    • Skills have no effect on them. The only way is to deal normal physical attacks supported from buffs to player.
    • All magic damage inflicted to them is reduced by 100% due to Golden Thief Bug effect, bringing out of magic users of their list.
    • They can withstand a lot of damage without flinching
    • They have more 4x HP modifier than non-boss ones
    • Players have 60% damage and accuracy penalty on them.
    • Their critical chance is affected by LUK, meaing they can critically attack players.
    • Their ASPD is affected by AGL and LUK, meaning they can kill players fast. So beware!
  • Affected by all items geared towards "bosses", i.e.;


Certain Boss flagged monsters have Safety Ability to block certain skills such as Omnious Moonlight, Provoke and Instant Death and Fractal Damage. Item protection prevents them from having all items stolen from Steal, Mug and Steal Coin. Final Room bosses in instance have become MVP in hidden updates. I

Monster Level Life Race Size Element Base EXP Job EXP DEF SPR MIN Damage Max Damage
Naght Sieger* 149 3612121212 Demon Large Ghost/Spirit 4 434472 392700 410 40 5200-48161 8600-96323